2008_09_facebookp.jpgThe Post reports that apparently a man was beaten up at a five-year high school reunion--arranged via Facebook--by an old classmate still "harboring a...gym-class grudge." Backstory: Years ago, at Half Hollows Hills High in Dix Hills, Long Island, Adam Lynn and Lucas Robak were suspended after a school hallway fight; Lynn's lawyer explained that Robak "picked a fight after a hotly contested gym-class handball game during their junior year." Fast-forward to November 2007, at the 5-year reunion, when Robak held Lynn while fellow classmate Jacob Namer beat him up. Lynn is suing Robak (who was never charged), Namer (charged but got off on a technicality) and the owners of the now-closed bar, Proof, where the reunion was held (for serving drinks to the supposedly visibly drunk Robak and Namer).