This week, West Village residents complained to Valleywag that Facebook billionaire Sean Parker hired people to plow snow into the middle of the street so he could have Verizon FiOS installed at his $20 million home. But Parker has denied any responsibility—in fact, he agrees with his neighbors that it's incredibly rude to make a snowy mess of the street: "I agree it's ridiculous that anyone would be laying cable or whatever they're doing in the middle of all this snow," he told the site.

Parker claims that he and his wife Alexandra Lenas don't actually live at the house on 10th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues, and haven't lived there for over a year. If there's no furniture or decorations, why would they need high speed cable? "If this is related to fixing broken cables at my house or other houses then I don't know why they couldn't wait until the snow had cleared," he wrote. "As I said, I don't even live there, so why would I care about a FiOS upgrade?? It just doesn't make sense."

"For this project cars that were legally parked have been towed, block access has been closed to all traffic (including cars owned by homeowners on the block, the noise has been deafening, for days….the street torn up," one angry homeowner wrote Valleywag. "How does the city allow this? Will the street, now looking like a Middle East battlefield, be promptly repaired and resurfaced?" That person was certain that FiOS was only being installed in Parker's residence because "the workers themselves tell me that."

Parker has previously incurred the wrath of Valleywag due to his "tacky forest-nymph-themed wedding" and the resulting environmental damage it allegedly caused.

Despite not living there, Parker says there is "a full time security presence at the house to prevent vandalism as there have been a number of break-in attempts." Also worth noting: Parker, the former Facebook president who made his fortune selling his shares in the company, doesn't really use Facebook that much anymore. "I didn't get an email from you and I don't check my Facebook msgs that often," he noted.