Did The Social Network marketing team plant this story? Or was it's Mark Zuckerberg's PR team? Allegedly Facebook has done some good in the world. The social networking platform helped a Staten Island woman get her long forgotten Bishop Kearney High School class ring back after she lost it over thirty years ago in the ocean, while swimming off Fire Island during a family vacation.

According to WCBS, Gina DeMatteo Murgolo received a special delivery over the weekend which included her ring, and a note that read: "Gina, enjoy your ring and it's story." SILive reports that the package came after Angelita Vargas messaged her on Facebook, saying, "Found a HS ring with your name in it, checking to see if it belongs to you, would like to return it, need you to describe the ring if it does belong to you."

Gina says she forgot about the ring until receiving the mysterious message, but upon receiving it thought, "Oh my goodness, there are nice people left in the world." Over the decades the ring made it all the way to Puerto Rico, where Vargas was on vacation from upstate New York, found it, and "felt strongly about returning it to its rightful owner." Some believe it made it there after being swallowed by a migrating fish, others attribute it to "a strange sea current yet to be detected by oceanographers."