2006_10_justins.jpgHere we go: Rapper Fabolous now says that he had nothing to do with the unlicensed guns (or car, for that matter) in the car that took him to the hospital. Fabolous had been shot in the leg after an evening at Justin's, and three friends drove him to Bellevue, only to run a red light and have the police stop them, search the car, and find two unlicensed guns in a secret compartment. So the police arrested Fabolous and friends - though Fabolous was able to get treatment for his wound. The rapper's lawyer Alberto Ebanks explained, “If any car had pulled up and offered him a ride to a local emergency room, he would have jumped in. He was in the back seat bleeding profusely.” However, the NY Times reports that the 2005 Dodge Magnum he did jump into was registered to Fabolous's production company - Ghetto Fabolous, Inc.

The Daily News says "as many as 10 bullets were fired" in the parking garage. Fabolous says he didn't see who shot him, but a relative of one of his friends said "Pure jealousy" caused the shooting. All four denied seeing any shooting. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was livid: "It's outrageous. They ride around with illegal firearms, also defaced." Oh, yeah, one of the guns had its serial numbers filed off.

And Boston Celtic and Brooklyn high school basketball star Sebastian Telfair was at Justin's on Monday night also and apparently complained "that he had been robbed of a $50,000 gold chain" at the very same parking garage! The Post says he didn't want to call the police about it.