2006_10_fabol.jpgRapper Fabolous was shot in the Flatiron District this morning. Fabolous is now in stable condition, after being shot in the thigh, - and he's under arrest as well. WABC 7 reports that a fight had spilled out from Justin's Restaurant (which is owned by P. Didddy), and the shooting occured in a parking garage nearby. The reports have been a little confusing, but it looks like after Fabolous was shot, three of his friends put him in a car to take him to the hospital. But they ran a red light at Third Avenue and East 22nd Street, and the police pulled them over and found two unlicensed, loaded weapons. Fabolous did make it to Bellevue Hospital, as charges are pending against him and his friends.

The police are still looking for the shooter.