With repairs set to wrap up on the L train in a few months, the MTA will soon turn its attention to the next and final Hurricane Sandy-ravaged subway tunnel. This time, F train riders can expect to bear the brunt of the pain, primarily on nights and weekends.

The long-expected news was confirmed on Wednesday by an MTA spokesperson, who said that repairs will begin on the tube used by the F train starting early next year. The Rutgers Street tunnel, which was flooded by 1.5 million gallons of seawater during Sandy, is the last of the nine tunnels that required fixing.

But this work will be significantly less disruptive than the L Train debacle, according to the spokesperson. The Rutgers tunnel was not as damaged as the Canarsie tube, for one thing, and the F train is surrounded by considerably more tracks where service can be diverted.

The plan, as the CITY first reported on Wednesday, will involve closing off the East Broadway and York Street stations during nights and weekends. F trains will be rerouted over the A/C line between Brooklyn and Manhattan — an annoying but not uncommon occurrence during ongoing weekend work.

The spokesperson said the construction is expected to take just 20 weeks to complete. The agency's request for proposal, however, puts the contract length at 14 months.

The project is slated to cost between $50 and $100 million to complete, which will be covered entirely by federal funding allocated following Hurricane Sandy. That's a lot of mops and buckets.