Straphangers were plunged into utter confusion and despair this morning when an F train suddenly morphed into a G train without warning. According to various people who were on the train at the time, the unannounced switch happened around 9:15 a.m. Friday morning while in Brooklyn. And apparently, even the motorman didn't know what was going on!

John, a 29-year-old Carroll Gardens resident who asked that we withhold his last name, told us he was 40 minutes late to work because of the delays:

The F train this morning at around 9:15 started going over the G line at Bergen street, completely passing Hoyt-Schermerhorn and ended up stopping at Fulton. Which is annoying to pass Hoyt, since everyone could have gotten off and taken a Manhattan-bound A or C there. But the kicker: the conductor says absolutely nothing the entire time. Doesn't mention before getting to Hoyt that we're going over the G, doesn't say anything as we pass Hoyt and then ends up at Fulton (all of us in the car thinking our train has been hijacked!). Finally he says at Fulton "This is a cross-town train" - and that's it.

So I go up to the window to see what's up and there's a crowd of people yelling at him, asking him why he didn't bother to say anything or at least stop at Hoyt, because we all have to take the train back there now anyway - the dude seems to have no clue what's going on. Still don't know what happened.

I suppose this one is timely given that study released the other day about the F train being the worst in the city!

Amy, who was also on the train, told us:

I got on at Bergen Street, and the train stayed in the station for a few minutes. Once it got moving, it went pretty slowly. Then we passed Hoyt-Schermerhorn, which is when everyone in my car started to get concerned. (Like, taking off headphones, asking if anyone else knew what was up, etc.) No announcement from the conductor about what was going on. When we stopped at Fulton St, there still wasn't any explanation, just an announcement that we were going over the crosstown local track. People were pretty pissed; I think mostly everyone in my car got out there, and I saw a few people go up to the conductor's car to figure out what was going on. I was annoyed and running late so I didn't try to stick around to find out what happened.

The MTA gave this statement about the incident:

As a result of signal trouble earlier today, we had to reroute some northbound “M” service via the “F” line from 47/50th to Roosevelt Avenue. To help alleviate congestion, we also rerouted three northbound “F” trains via the “G” line from Bergen Street, as they sometimes are. For each reroute, we advised the crews of the change to service via the radio, they acknowledged and announcements were made both on board the trains and in the stations, over the public address system, but we’ve heard reports that at least one train did not announce the change. We will investigate further.

[h/t Brooklyn Brief]