The MTA is entering the next phase of its highly dreaded renovation of the Culver Viaduct, which the F and G trains use as they ascend to the highest subway stop in NYC, at Smith-9th Street in Carroll Gardens. The necessary rehabilitation work will seriously inconvenience residents in this part of Brooklyn for months if not years, starting next Monday with the discontinuation of Manhattan-bound F and G service at Smith-9th Street, 15th Street Prospect Park, and Ft. Hamilton Parkway stations. This phase will last until May (or so they say!), and people are pissed. What follows is an excerpt from one of the many irate e-mails we've received in the past couple of days:

We're new to Windsor Terrace (2 months) and fairly new to New York (6 months). I'm absolutely livid that this is happening with a week's notice, especially in the winter. This is the first we're hearing of this and is part of a chain of the F train messing with us (shuttles this weekend...again...whoo-hoo!).

I've lived in cities for the past 10 years and I can tell you this level of fuckery wouldn't fly in LA or Boston. I'm not so worried about me but my gf is 90lbs. soaking wet and now will have to either have to trudge through the snow an extra 20 minutes to 7th Ave. or go 20 / 30 minutes in the wrong direction to get a train going to Manhattan. And what happens when they spend 6 months fixing trains on the other side and she has to walk home in the dark (we work drastically different hours)?

Well, there are shuttle buses, which some G riders have actually found to be faster than the subway. (Give them a try this weekend, when there will be no F service between Jay Street and Stillwell Avenue!) But in the words of Clancy Wiggum, this is gonna to get worse before it gets better, because in late May, the Smith-9th Street station will close completely for rehabilitation and remain closed through Spring 2012. And when it reopens, there will be NO Coney Island-bound F trains at the Smith-9th Street station until the Fall of 2012! PLEASE BE PATIENT!

Also: from the late Fall of 2011 to the Spring of 2012, there will be NO Coney Island-bound F or Church Avenue-bound G trains at 15th Street-Prospect Park and Ft. Hamilton Parkway stations. And in the summer of 2012, there will be NO hope for the firstborn sons of local residents, who must make human sacrifices to the MTA to make the trains return.