In June, an F train conductor kept a train full of rush hour commuters captive from Downtown Brooklyn to Park Slope. The screwup began around 6 p.m. when the Coney-Island-bound train pulled into Jay Street-MetroTech and the conductor announced, "Due to the lateness of this train, we will be running express to Seventh Avenue," then failed to open the doors before the train motored off, carrying scores of confused straphangers beyond their transfer point. Confronted by an angry crowd when he did finally let people off at Seventh Avenue, the conductor appeared dazed. He eventually apologized.

MTA investigators looked into the snafu and, finding the conductor responsible for "improper door usage," docked him a day of work. There was no indication he was chemically impaired at the time of the incident, according to MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg. Lisberg declined to identify the worker, saying he's been through enough already.

"We understand that this conductor inconvenienced hundreds of customers with his mistake, and we apologize for the disruption this caused for your evening commute," Lisberg said in a statement. "I don't understand why Gothamist would want to identify him by name. He has accepted final discipline for his infraction, and he is on notice that a similar mistake in the future will result in more serious discipline."