2006_02_ftrainreverse.jpg"If you can't beat 'em, psych 'em out" seems to be the tactic of the Brooklyn bagel shop that incited the ire of the MTA when it used MTA symbols. The shop, the former "F Line Bagels," was hit with a cease and desist from the MTA last March and eight month laters, fined and forced to remove the various subway signage the owners bought from the MTA. Deciding that a new sign would only be good if it could capture some of that F line goodness, the owners are installing a backwards-F sign, with one owner saying, "People can pronounce it any way they want. It'll be kind of like Toys 'R' Us." Ooh, that's a good idea - maybe they should sell toys, too, with a giraffe hawking them.

Last month there was a NY Times column by Dan Barry about the intellectual nature of bagels (Times Select, though). What Gothamist would be curious about is how the bagel shop business spikes after each one of these articles. And here's an F-train subway station picture from Joe Holmes.