Are F train riders finding the subway a little crowded these days? Maybe it's because the trains aren't coming as frequently as they should be. The Brooklyn Papers found that the F train wasn't close to its rush-hour frequency of trains every 4-6 minutes, but an average of 7-8 minutes apart in their sampling. While that may sound minor, think about how many people stream down the subway stairs every moment - a train coming 2 minutes sooner could mean the difference between some space to stand versus being stuck like sardines.

They also found that when the train finally does arrive, getting on is no easy task. Of course, this is nothing new for people that ride the F train (or the L train, or most other rides during rush-hour), but the situation will only get worse. With people continuing to move into popular neighborhoods as well as moving farther into Brooklyn, trains will only get packed sooner.

Possible solutions The Brooklyn Paper suggests: Extend the V into Brooklyn and make the F express during peak times and run the G train to Church Ave. The MTA said no to both options. Clearly, the only solution is to get MTA employees to push passengers into the subways like they have in Tokyo.

Perhaps for the 2008 budget, the MTA will re-examine the F and plan service additions like they are for the L and G for 2008.

Have F train riders noticed an increase in ridership, or decrease in service lately?

Photo of altered MTA logo by Tien Mao on flickr