2008_05_cab.jpgCursing on the job is a hazard for not just TV newscasters. One cabbie was fined for his swears at another cabbie!

The Post reports that Zbigniew Sobczak got hit with a $1,000 fine after his run-in with fellow hack Malik Rizwan. Sobczak allegedly cut off Rizwan, who honked for 10 seconds, and then got out of his cab, yelling, "What the f---? You have problem? Why you beeping?" Rizwan responded with "You f---! You go in your car."

But the best part of the article might be: "Neither of the drivers had passengers in their cabs, freeing them up to follow each other around and get into two more confrontations."

Though an administrative law judge ruled Sobczak should be fined $350, Taxi and Limousine Commissioner Matthew Daus asked the fine go to the max, "The time for more civilized drivers has come, as the industry has been radically transformed for the better since the 1980s."

There was a British study that found workplace morale was boosted with workplace swearing. However, some courts have found swearing in the workplace can be construed as harassment.