For some reason, an F-16 practicing its firing at a firing range in NJ ended up firing into a school in Little Egg Harbor, NJ. Yes, what the hell. The firing occured at 11PM, and luckily, no one was hurt (a custodian was the only one present). The military is investigating how this happened, and Gothamist would like to suggest that maybe they find out fast. It's dark and all at night, but we'd like to think that F-16s have the kind of technology that can distinguish between a firing range in a reserve and a school. Little Egg school officials say they are mindful that they are near a firing range, which, for once, makes Gothamist glad that NYC school kids don't have big yards.

Little Egg Harbor is about 100 miles south of NYC; if you're going to Atlantic City, it's a town along the way. And check out DCist for their spin on the matter.