It's been a few years since we've paid attention to the ranting bigotry of Pastor Terry Jones, the mustachioed president of the United States Of Pleasepayattentiontome. But we're completely unsurprised to find that Jones hasn't traded in his Koran-burning mantra for a new one: Jones and associate Pastor Marvin Sapp Jr. were arrested in Florida yesterday as they drove a pickup truck towing a large barbecue-style grill filled with kerosene-soaked Korans to a park in order to burn 2,998 them for 9/11.

Jones wrote on Facebook chose the particular number to represent "each individual who was murdered in the September 11th, 2001 attacks." Having seen him pull these kinds of useless shenanigans for the past three years, we feel bad that Jones has had to up his Koran-burning intake like a junkie looking for a high—one just doesn't cut it anymore for him, he needs nearly 3K Korans burned to just feel something, anything, at this point.

Both men have been arrested on a felony charge of unlawful conveyance of fuel. In addition, Jones was charged with unlawful open-carry of a firearm, and Sapp was charged with having no valid registration for the trailer. We're just relieved that Jones has continued to make the KKK look reasonable.