When you're out there in the dating world, things can be kind of a confusing maelstrom sometimes. That being said, your bad date with a mansplainer or a sapiosexual surely pales in comparison to the poor New Jersey teenager who had a Tinder match steal a dog from her.

According to NJ.com, an 18-year-old in Leonia, New Jersey invited a Tinder match over to a home where she was dog-sitting this past Sunday. The Tinder match showed up with a friend, and while one of the men "distracted" the dog-sitter, New Jersey police say the other man went about stealing stuff.

When the two men left, cops say the dog-sitter realized that not only was a package for the homeowners gone along with her laptop, but the dog, a two-year-old Maltese named Maggie, was stolen as well.

The story has a somewhat happy ending, since the family told NBC4 that Maggie was later found. (It was not immediately clear how.) After all, laptops and packages can be replaced, but cute two-year-old dogs don't just grow on trees.

Many years ago, I was heading home with a date and we just barely missed the G train. With the long wait ahead of us for another G, I figured we might as well make out in an empty train station while we sat on a subway bench. She immediately turned away when I tried to kiss her and we spent the next 15 godawful minutes awkwardly waiting for the train. The memory has haunted me, clearly, but at least it didn't end with her stealing a friend's dog from me. The lesson, as always, is that Tinder is bad and my DMs are open.

As of press time, a representative from Tinder did not respond to a request for a comment on the story.