Yesterday was an anniversary of sorts. On October 17th, 1938 the temperature in Central Park managed to rise up to 90 degrees. That's the latest in a year that 90 degrees has been observed in New York. There's no indication that we'll be getting that warm anytime soon, so 2010 finishes with thirty-seven 90-degree days; tying with 1944 for third place on the list (1991 and 1993 both had 39 days). The earliest 90-degree day? April 7th of this year.

The normal high/low for this time of year is the lower 60s/upper 40s and that's what it looks like we'll see for most of the week. Weak high pressure isn't strong enough to keep the clouds away today. Those clouds are associated with a cold front well to our south. A couple of storms are expected to travel along the front and blow up once they get over the ocean. It currently looks like the city will be on the northwestern edge of the precipitation shield late tonight into tomorrow morning. Unless the forecasted storm track is way off we will, at most, see a bit of light rain way after the game is over tonight.

Fair weather is expected on Wednesday and Thursday. Look for highs around 65 each day. Another cold front is a fixin' to head our way late Thursday. The front may be preceded by showers and will definitely be followed by cooler weather on Friday.