One of the main things to look at when getting a new apartment is how close it is to the subway. Sometimes even taking one subway to work can become a time-eating endevour, but take a look at AMNY's piece on extreme commuters and you'll realize what some people go through to work in this city.

In the first of what they promise to be an ongoing series, we meet Julia Hecker who commutes 100 blocks each way to work. Not that unusual, however she does it by bike. Working at Mt. Sinai Hospital for 12 1/2 hour shifts, biking there and back each day in often freezing temperatures. With hardly ever hitting the breaks, the 100 blocks between her Lower East Side apartment and 101st Street is only around a 20 minute ride.

According to the U.S. Census, less than one percent of New Yorkers bike to work, a very low number in relation to other more bike-friendly cities in the world (Amsterdam is 30%). For Julia, her commute would be much easier and safer if the city followed through on plans for an East River bike path, the existing East Side bike path stops abruptly at 34th Street.

So how do you get to work?

Photo via the NY Sun, who in 2004 reported bike commuting into Manhattan reached a 20-year high.