Good Friday afternoon, may you all be as blessed as this guy who dropped his wallet containing $4,000 in hundreds (don't ask!) in Times Square and had it miraculously returned to him. Here's what else is happening:

  • February saw 23 pedestrians, cyclists and car passengers die in New York City as a result of car crashes, marking the deadliest month in city traffic in 14 years.
  • Construction has begun on an impressive-looking development in the Rockaways that's bringing more than 1,000 net zero carbon emissions apartments to a stretch of the waterfront.
  • "While I'd heard city dwellers tend to be rude and unhelpful, I've found the opposite to be true," says this very charming if bizarre "guide" to life in New York City that was written by a woman who moved to Brooklyn three years ago from Connecticut. (She loves the bus!)
  • Many of the immigrants in the U.S. who fled the former Soviet Union aren't Russian, but passively accepted the identity of "Russian" because it was easier than explaining to Americans that they were, in fact, from Estonia or Ukraine, and now they're feeling uncomfortable and judged.
  • "This is an exceptionally bad idea," said Sen. Ted Cruz in response to Sen. Lindsey Graham's suggestion that "somebody in Russia" should assassinate Vladimir Putin.
  • Anna Sorokin, a.k.a. the scammer Anna Delvey, is part of a class action lawsuit against ICE arguing that the immigration enforcement agency caused her to get COVID while she was being detained because they denied her a booster shot.
  • Prince William confirmed that his wife Kate Middleton has "the coldest hands ever," but he's into it.
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  • And finally, the hands!: