Extra Extra: What's Up With That Suburban Sex Basement?

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  • Hell yeah: The Lonely Island & Seth Rogen are working on a feature-film spoof on the Fyre Festival (and also a MacGruber TV series with the original cast).
  • Delta & Coca-Cola have apologized for encouraging passengers to hit on each other on flights.
  • Vox grilled Jill Abramson about the plagiarism charges against her: "Some of these things I should have just quoted in the text. But look, I was trying to write a seamless narrative, and to keep breaking it up with 'according to' qualifiers would have been extremely clunky."
  • Lindsey Buckingham is recovering from open heart surgery after an operation last week: "While he and his heart are doing well, the surgery resulted in vocal cord damage. While it is unclear if this damage is permanent, we are hopeful it is not," his wife wrote.
  • This five bedroom colonial in suburban Philadelphia comes with an "adult sexual oasis" in the basement—and the neighbors are none too happy about it.
  • Sean Penn, who is a hilariously terrible writer, is very upset because no one loved Bradley Cooper's A Star Is Born as much as he did.
  • The final season of Veep and the second season of Barry will premiere on HBO on March 31st (while Big Little Lies returns in June).
  • Amy Klobuchar apparently is a mean, angry boss.
  • Masked clowns armed with a machete attacked a couple in their own driveway.
  • Headline of the day: "Great, now the Legos are fucking, too."
  • Why is a 25-year-old Dinosaur Jr. song charting in Japan all of a sudden?
  • Conservative reactionary Candace Owens embarrassed herself in front of a UK crowd when she talked about Hitler and her love of nationalism.
  • Here's a fun story about a mother-daughter show-dog team, whose "life revolves around the dogs—breeding them, training them, grooming them, and showing them."
  • And finally, here's 2019 in a nutshell:

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