Extra Extra: What Is Up With People Who Refuse To Drink Water?

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  • What the heck is wrong with people who refuse to drink water??
  • The Times reports that some in the Obama coalition are nervous the former president's message of idealism falls flat in the Trump era.
  • Never forget that time the Today Show dressed up as (demented versions of) Peanuts characters.
  • Wish the brilliant Bob Pollard a happy birthday, then listen to an awesome new Guided By Voices song.
  • Three men who were paralyzed have been able to take steps again thanks to an experimental, pacemaker-like device.
  • The Hollywood Reporter takes a look at what happened behind the scenes during the messy production of Bohemian Rhapsody: "I was kind of shocked when they went forward with Rhapsody. How many at-bats do you get?" a source said of director Bryan Singer's unprofessional behavior.
  • Here's a heartbreaking report on the funeral of brothers David and Cecil Rosenthal, who were killed in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting last weekend.
  • Rolling Stone profiled Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, who could become Florida’s first black governor.
  • Liev Schreiber will host the Nov. 10th episode of SNL with musical guest Lil Wayne.
  • Meet the guy who dressed up as 432 Park Avenue for Halloween.
  • Mike Myers reflects on the enduring appeal of Garth & Wayne costumes: "It is such an unbelievably gratifying, mind blowing experience to write something, get it out there, and have people reflect it back to you on Halloween."
  • Department of Homeland Security veterans say that DHS is ignoring white terrorism and white supremacy.
  • The ugly mansions of Zillow are truly priceless.
  • Don't turn your back on your dog or he might shoot you.
  • An actor who appeared on the latest season of Better Call Saul admitted that he cut off his own arm 17 years ago in a “psychotic episode,” then claimed he was a wounded veteran to land acting roles.
  • And finally, Michael McDonald (who is not a dog or cat but is kinda like a husky-voiced pet) wants to wish you a very happy Halloween:

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