Good Monday afternoon in New York City, where it's way colder than it should be. Here's what else is happening:

  • The Brian Lehrer Show had a good conversation today about the untenable amount of trash New Yorkers put on the curb every day (12,000 tons), and the possibility of charging for trash collection as a way to train ourselves to consume less.
  • Former New York City Tourism Ambassador Taylor Swift is speaking at this year's NYU graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium, and will receive an honorary doctorate.
  • Manhattan lost 6.9% of its population during 2021 — which was the most of any county in the U.S., but also a little less than you'd have thought given the hype around everyone bailing.
  • Russian oligarch and Chelsea F.C. owner Roman Abramovich had a meeting with Ukrainian peace negotiators over water and chocolate in Kyiv earlier this month, and came away from the summit with peeling skin and pain behind the eyes, which are believed to be the result of poisoning.
  • Vulture has an oral history of the Blue Man Group, who opened their show at the Astor Place Theatre 30 years ago and have since welcomed more than 200 men between 5'10" and 6'1" to perform as part of one of the most successful Off Broadway acts of all time.
  • Meet North Macedonia, the St. Peter's Peacocks of men's international soccer.
  • Did you also get that spam text from yourself?
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  • And finally, dog dog goose: