Extra Extra: The Greatest Rumor About Jake Gyllenhaal

Dashed Arrow Tipster

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  • New York’s flower district, which is concentrated in just one block of West 28th Street in Chelsea, has long been said to be on its way out—but the Times reports the district "could be saved, at least symbolically, from the very thing threatening its existence: gentrification."
  • Um, some Cantor Fitzgerald men took a crap in their female colleague's mug to punish her for supporting Bernie Sanders.
  • Update from the college admissions scandal: a family from China paid $1.2 million to ensure their daughter's admission to Yale. The young woman recently left Yale.
  • Kevin Durant's teammates apparently think KD is going to sign with the Knicks this offseason.
  • Pup play has made it into the New York Times.
  • Joe Biden may be his own worst enemy.
  • America’s obsession with long hours has actually widened the gender gap.
  • Drive-ins ​movies survived cable and Netflix, but now they're having real trouble with ​new cars and their ​headlights that won't go off.
  • Nobody loves Facebook Portal as much as Katie Notopoulos.
  • This is my new favorite rumor about Jake Gyllenhaal: a downtown art framing store owner was overheard saying, "Jake Gyllenhaal comes in all the time and I’ve never framed something for him that’s not a picture of himself."
  • And finally, this is just calming:

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