Extra Extra: Texas Grandma Kills Alligator To Avenge Her Miniature Horse

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  • Donald Trump—who has been accused of sexual assault by a dozen women, still has a civil case by one accuser pending, and has joked about grabbing women's genitals—said today that it's "very hard for me to imagine that anything happened" between Brett Kavanaugh and his alleged victim, Christine Blasey Ford.
  • Also, Trump definitely thinks that Finders Keepers is an official law.
  • Lili Loofbourow writes about the nauseating defense of Brett Kavanaugh and the attempted comebacks by men exposed by #MeToo.
  • Now this is a lede: a Texas grandma killed 12-foot gator, saying she's finally avenged her miniature horse.
  • Across the country, developers are building megaplexes meant to attract eager shoppers and savvy diners—Curbed and Eater editors weigh in on the effects to the local communities.
  • Arthur Mitchell, a charismatic dancer with the New York City Ballet in the 1950s and ’60s and the founding director of Dance Theater of Harlem, has died.
  • A woman who knew Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and Christine Blasey Ford in high school says the rape attempt did happen, that "many of us heard about it in school," and that it was talked about for days afterward.
  • The NY Times argues that the celebrity profile is dying because of the rise of one-sided, celeb-controlled narratives, which is somewhat ironic since the Times has had some truly great celeb profiles bucking that trend this year.
  • A prisoner serving 39 years-to-life started making drawings of golf courses, which made their way to Golf Digest—the outlet wrote about him, realized his conviction was sketchy, investigated, and now he's free.
  • Chevy Chase is still angry, bitter, and kinda pathetic.
  • The NY Post wrote a Playboy Club press release.
  • Vulture asks the tough questions: are Muppets sexual?
  • Everything you know about obesity is wrong: HuffPost has a special report arguing that the medical community "has ignored mountains of evidence to wage a cruel and futile war on fat people, poisoning public perception and ruining millions of lives."
  • Tracy Morgan has a wonderfully terrible Donald Trump impression.
  • And finally, look at this very good dog feeding his rabbit friends:

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