Good Tuesday afternoon in New York City, where the cherry blossoms are blossoming. Here's what else is happening:

  • NYPD officers complained to the New York Post that the department's new effort to crack down on unsanctioned beards, drinking coffee on the job, not maintaining an accurate memo book, leaving work early and other no-no's is only going to annoy an already demoralized workforce.
  • The state Senate passed a bill yesterday to put scramble crosswalks — ones where traffic stops in all directions while kids cross an intersection — outside New York City schools.
  • The Bubba Luv Dog Training and Rescue center in Rahway, N.J., has been temporarily shut down after videos were posted online allegedly showing employees abusing dogs.
  • Bed-Stuy's saxophone apartment building is kinda cool.
  • This comedian who created a TikTok series lightly spoofing a certain type of New York City influencer now influences on behalf of Subway sandwiches.
  • In related news, many sandwiches are bad for you.
  • A recruiting firm that tried to get journalists to work at Ozy Media "circled back" with apology emails last week after Ozy's founder, Carlos Watson, was arrested on fraud charges.
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  • And finally, reptile looks content: