Hope you're staying dry on this Twosday, a.k.a. National Margarita Day. Here's what's happening:

  • On the heels of Albany's redrawing of congressional and state legislative districts that happen to strongly favor Democrats, the New York City Council is about to get a chance to redraw its district boundaries.
  • Speaking of that congressional redistricting: Park Slope residents and Staten Islanders, who are now part of the same district, seem to hate it.
  • This is a saddening and complicated story about Justin Clark, an extremely sharp assistant for the VICE show Hamilton's Pharmacopeia who championed drug legalization and experimented with psychedelics himself before dying of an overdose.
  • Criminals are increasingly going on dating apps and building months-long "relationships" with the end goal of luring people into cryptocurrency scams.
  • Big Jet TV, the British YouTuber who went viral last week while livestreaming airplanes landing in windy conditions, is being harassed by a hater who's bent on labeling him "anti-monarchy" (whatever) and racist (bad!).
  • The publicist who made people care about tinned fish and Tom Holland may or may not be behind pickleball's glowing media blitz.
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  • And finally, is this High Intensity Interval Training: