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  • The Golden Toilet Awards are "awards" for New York City's filthiest waterways, NOT an awards show dedicated to your tweets.
  • This guy got shot in the head, but still hailed his own taxi to the hospital.
  • Why don't women immediately name their rape accusers? Read this and see.
  • MediaTakeOut kind of apologized to Kim Kardashian after she filed a libel lawsuit against them.
  • If this is how Donald Trump responds to not getting an Emmy, not winning a presidential election will be, what, 1000 times uglier?
  • Trump's supporters have made it clear they're going to be ready for blood if he loses.
  • INSPIRING: Watch this judge strip off his robe and tackle a guy in court.
  • J.R. Smith gets a long-deserved New Yorker profile.
  • And finally, is this the cutest owl in the world? It just might be: