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A Staten Island barstaurant has declared itself an "Autonomous Zone" in open defiance of Cuomo's COVID-19 restrictions.

A judge in Pennsylvania ordered the state to temporarily halt its certification process for the 2020 election results, pending a hearing on Friday on a lawsuit seeking to declare all mail-in votes in the state unconstitutional.

Coronavirus is ripping through Buffalo "with a vengeance." Since mid-October, the number of cases in Erie County, where the city is located, has gone from 322 per week to 3,449 per week.

Closer to home, Long Island has seen a 149% increase in coronavirus cases in the past three weeks and is on track to hit an 18% positive testing rate.

NY Times restaurant critic Pete Wells urges Americans to stop nap-shaming this Thanksgiving.

Diners at Greenwich Village Cuba had a close shave on Wednesday when somebody plowed their Mercedes into the outdoor dining area.

People share the little things they're grateful for during this time of isolation.

The New Yorker talks with Deb Perlman, the chef behind the Smitten Kitchen cooking blog, about her Thanksgiving philosophy this year, and more.

And finally, let's take a moment this Thanksgiving to remember the greatest turkey pardon of all time: