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Over 40 people were shot, several fatally, in multiple shootings across NYC over the July 4th weekend.

A driver plowed into a Black Lives Matter demonstration in Seattle on Saturday, killing one protester and seriously injuring another.

President Donald Trump's reelection campaign is spending big on ads to shore up his base in red states as advisers try to find a path to victory if he loses Michigan and Pennsylvania.

An Oregon State Police trooper was caught on camera flashing a white supremacist hand signal at a protest against Black Lives Matter, and getting a pat on the back from a white counter-protester.

Here's a Twitter thread about all the superb details in The Truman Show.

Kanye West has again announced he is running for president of these United States.

An Arizona woman was arrested after filming herself attacking some face masks at a Target in Scottsdale.

Mount Rushmore is "colossal, nationalist kitsch" and "a perfect setting for the speech Trump gave there Friday, full of bland generalizations about the greatness of American culture," the Washington Post argues.

Musician Ryan Adams has written an apology letter and announced he's getting help after being accused of sexual misconduct last year.

A 78-year-old man who was featured in an iconic photo of people fleeing the 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center has died from COVID-19 in Florida.

And finally, may you enjoy what's left of your weekend the way this rhino enjoys a mud bath: