Extra Extra: Are You Watching 'Game Of Thrones' Wrong?

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  • New Yorkers are moving to Florida more than any other state.
  • How stressed is the average American? About half of us have broken down and cried at work.
  • Has your old mall been converted into office space yet? Just you wait!
  • House Democrats are pushing forward on their investigations into Trump's finances, adding additional senior-level investigative staffers and preparing to go to court to enforce their subpoenas.
  • Are you watching GOT wrong? Cinematographer Fabian Wagner thinks that if you had complaints about last week's very dark episode, you may be: "I know it wasn’t too dark because I shot it."
  • Andrew Cuomo is a fan of Joe Biden: "I think what Democrats are concerned with, they want someone who can beat Trump, and I think Joe Biden is the man there," he said. "[Voters] want someone who can actually get something done once elected. The Democrats' problem, I think, has been their failure to actually provide results in people's lives. People can't eat rhetoric."
  • Instagram influencers will soon be able to sell shit directly to you through their posts.
  • Should a common metabolic blood panel test cost $11 or $952?
  • Does the word "garlicky" bother you in food writing?
  • A deaf human adopted this deaf dog, and I think someone is peeling onions in here?
  • The Ringer staff debate what is the best movie of TV battle of all time.
  • What if air conditioning could help stop climate change instead of exacerbating it? "Using technology currently in development, AC units in skyscrapers and homes could get turned into machines that pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere."
  • And finally, what are you doing sitting there my buddy my pal?

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