We're running out of pigs-at-the-trough jpegs! After last week's news that the City Council is giving staffers approximately $3.9 million in "cost of living" raises, the Post has learned that a dozen council members showered their staffs with tens of thousands of dollars in bonuses at the end of the last fiscal year. According to the article, each council member gets $273,000 a year for expenses like rent and office supplies, and any unspent funds are supposed to be returned to the city. But an examination of financial records found that at least twelve council members transferred the leftover loot into their personal accounts in June, the last month of FY09. Councilman Kendall Stewart (D-Brooklyn) moved $30,000 on June 19th to give bonuses to eight to 10 staffers; he tells the Post, "Me turning back $30,000 and everybody else spending their money to give it to the staff, would that make any sense to do?" Well, if everyone else is doing it, why not? And Councilman Thomas White (D-Queens), who spread $38,000 in unused cash between five staffers, explains, "I have a very committed, dedicated staff. They work very hard."