Ah, New York's subway renaissance, have you heard about it? There's the Second Avenue subway's three new stations, finally open to the public. There's wi-fi everywhere. There's uh...a Brooklyn/Manhattan tunnel getting shut down on weekends for a year of repairs. Oh and another tunnel in Brooklyn, the N express tunnel, is also going partially dark for a year so it can be fixed.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the express N train tracks in the tunnel between the 36th Street and 59th Street stations in Brooklyn will shut down for a year starting in the spring of 2017 so that the MTA can repair rusted beams between 40th and 58th Streets. Unlike previous tunnel repairs, which could be blamed on Sandy, the corrosion of the beams in the N train tunnel have been corroded because of rain water running from the street into subway grates, instead of the sewer. Part of the repair work will include putting in new drains and raising sidewalk vents to keep water from spilling into the tunnel.

The MTA and Community Board 7 are having a disagreement about the state of the tunnel though. CB7's transportation committee chair claimed that the tunnel could "cave in on itself" because of "profound deterioration of the center support beam." MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz dismissed this, telling the paper "The tunnel is NOT on the verge of ‘caving in’ as you so eloquently state, and there is no danger to our customers."

In other subway renaissance news, the MTA is pushing a plan that would bump up the subway fare to an even $3 per swipe, starting March 19th. On the other hand you get a bonus of 96 cents for every round trip you buy at once, so there's that I guess. Subway renaissance, baby!