An alert young cop actually caught a bank robber red handed yesterday in Brooklyn. 23-year-old officer Carlos Corporan was heading to work in Williamsburg from Bushwick when he noticed a man who fit the description of a suspect wanted for a bank robbery in Brooklyn Heights. Moving closer he got especially suspicious when he noticed the man's shirt was smoking.

So the rookie cop approached the man, 47-year-old Terence Buckley, and ordered him to stand against a wall. And while Buckley was turned around, a call came over the radio alerting the cop to the fact that a man fitting Buckley's description had just held up a nearby Chase bank. At that point it became clear that the smoke in Buckley's pocket was from an exploded dye pack.

Making the whole thing sadder, Buckley, charges against whom are pending while investigators look to see if he is the same man from the earlier robbery, had only managed to walk away from Chase with a mere $100.

Meanwhile, whenever we hear about somebody being caught red handed, we think of this without fail: