With terror suspect Najibullah Zazi in custody, accused to plotting to bomb NYC mass transit, experts are now weighing on how Zazi's purchases from a beauty supply store were very dangerous. They say that Zazi "had the means to kill scores of people — not hundreds or thousands," with retired FBI explosives expert Denny Kline saying, "These explosives are meant to be concealed easily and deployed easily and kill and maim and cause havoc in small areas."

Kline told the AP, "You're going to need a truck" for a really big explosion—and Zazi and his associates allegedly tried renting U-Haul trucks in Queens and Denver. The AP also goes into detail about the ingredients Zazi purchased and how his laptop showed formulations "mixing hydrogen peroxide with flour, and list ghee oil as a type of fuel that can be used to help initiate the explosive device."

Time has a profile on Zazi—a NYC friend had said a few years ago, "Najib is completely different. He looks like a Taliban. He has a big beard. He's talking different"—while former US attorney general Michael Mukasy wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal yesterday about keeping intelligence gathering capabilities strong.