A pair of tennis courts in a brand new $3.5 million Long Island park have been shuttered for being too small to actually play tennis on.

CBS New York reports that the new courts at Sweet Hollow Park in Melville have been closed to the public, as a result of what the town is calling an "in house design error." According to the station, the two courts have less than 10 feet of space between the baseline and backstop, creating a dangerous situation that's already left one player injured.

"You hit a long ball or a deep ball to the baseline and bam—you smack into the fence," the injured resident told CBS. "It’s so obvious. It’s standardized throughout the world, and they couldn’t handle it here?"

Some of the town's residents are reportedly outraged that they'll now have to pay to fix the courts, after already contributing millions in taxes to the park.

“The fact that they could have put all this money here—it’s really a beautifully designed park—and not paid attention and had someone who knew what they were doing when they built the tennis court is really crazy,” Melville resident Bob Phillips said. The courts are padlocked for now, and the town is not sure what will happen next.

In the city, meanwhile, season passes for our adequately-spaced tennis courts now cost $100, half as much as they did last year.