At the end of March, a prominent Upper East Side psychologist was arrested after a patient discovered a surveillance camera inside a lightbulb in the bathroom. But earlier this month prosecutors dropped the felony charge of unlawful surveillance against Dr. Robert Reiner, an NYU psychologist who has appeared as a medical expert on MTV and talk shows. It turns out that the camera, which was not wired to a monitor, was unwittingly put in the outlet by a contractor Reiner hired to do some work at the office; Reiner insists he used it at his Westchester home to monitor his kids on the trampoline, and that he brought the inoperative camera into work because he needed the code number on the camera to order a new one.

Now he's filing a $5 million lawsuit against the city because he says the media attention has ruined his career: his TV appearances have stopped, a book that was 95 percent complete was put on hold by the publisher, and other medical professionals stopped referring patients to Reiner. He tells the Daily News, "This has been a nightmare... They say it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 20 minutes to destroy it." Also, his kids were teased at school.

His lawyer says Reiner's office was full of patients when officers seized the practice's computers, which held patients' confidential records: "When the NYPD does not properly investigate the facts and follow their own procedures, and they rush to judgment, it becomes a very dangerous situation." Speaking to the Journal News, Reiner says, "The stupid thing was one hour of investigation. If this was federal, it never would have happened this way. They investigate first. Everybody who knows me knows it didn't happen because everybody knew that I bought this thing for the backyard of my house. The kids helped me set it up."