We cannot wait for this to hit a future Law & Order: After finding out a juror Twittered about a civil trial, the losing side's lawyers are now using the Tweets as basis for an appeal. An Arkansas jury had awarded $12.6 million to two men who sued Stoam, a company that claimed its insulation foam was as strong as steel. Stoam's lawyers found Johnathan Powell, who had Tweeted, "'So, Johnathan, what did you do today?' Oh, nothing really. I just gave away TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS of somebody else's money!" and "Oh and nobody buy Stoam. Its bad mojo and they’ll probably cease to Exist, now that their wallet is 12m lighter...” (Powell points out those were sent after the verdict.) While the appeal is up in the air, we applaud Johnathan's interest in his civic duty, "trying to learn about jury duty for tomorrow, but all searches lead me to suggestions for getting out of it, instead of rocking it."