2005_05_evmurder.jpgA 33 or 34 year-old man was shot in the head in his penthouse on East 10th Street yesterday evening. The victim was shot execution style, and was pronounced dead a few hours later at St. Vincent's hospital. Reports say that the victim was heard arguing with two men before a gun fired at the triplex of 85 East 10th. The Times reported that neighbors were shocked and generally reluctant to talk to reporters, but a neighbor said that "It sounded strange and out of the ordinary. Another neighbor told the Post, "I just know his place was like a train station, people coming and going all the time."

Police characterized the building as popular with young professionals. The victim, who was not that tenant of record, reportedly sold clothing out of the apartment. The Post reported that there were 20 boxes of brand new sneakers and that the victim was pleasant and "who sported 'hip-hop style' clothing.