Police continue to look for answers following the execution-style killing of a Bronx mother who was shot dead in front of her children. Lakisha Scriven, 30, was a caseworker for the city's Administration for Children's Services, where she was known for her cheery attitude, her tireless work ethic, and according to the Times, her taste for flashy high-heeled shoes that brought her "into work, into parties and into the city’s gloomiest conditions as if she were Carrie Bradshaw with a penchant for social justice."

Scriven was buried Monday, a week after being shot once in the back of the head as she loaded her two daughters, Alanna, 8, and Aleila, 5, into the car to bring them to school. The gunman fled without taking anything. Police have not named any suspects, though investigators questioned and released Scriven's ex-boyfriend, 37-year-old Clarence White. White — who is the father of Scriven's children — told the paper he was not involved in the shooting, though he said he had argued with Scriven about her new boyfriend a few days before her death. "I told her I would hurt her boyfriend. I said, 'I'll kill your boyfriend if anything happens wrong. I'll hurt you, too,' I told her," he said, before apologizing to her the next day.

Scriven was shot as she was straightening out her romantic life, according to friends, who noted that she had just asked White to move out. "Kisha wanted to change her life," said Levette McCray-Smith. "She got out of a relationship she didn't want to be in at all. She was happy."