Conde Nast executive Jane Kaupp is suing her Midwestern ex-boyfriend over some "bunny-boiling" antics that she feels put her husband and kids in danger. Kaupp says she began a "personal relationship" with John Church of Indiana in 2008, but ended it two years later. Now, Church is accused of "threatening to expose" their relationship to Kaupp's husband and co-workers. The lawsuit took care of that for him.

Church's behavior allegedly went way beyond the typical post-affair drama. The $5 million suit claims he attempted to contact Kaupp's parents and husband in an effort to say in touch with her, and that he "abusively and excessively" texted and called her. On August 19th, he texted and emailed her 110 times before noon, and then called and hung up 29 times throughout the day. He sent her vulgar emails, signed her up for porn websites, and threatened to kill her and her family after she tried to cut off contact.

The suit claims, "Church has intentionally, willfully, and knowingly stalked, threatened, coerced, menaced, harassed and otherwise acted in an outrageous, abusive and socially unacceptable manner toward Kaupp." Kaupp says she has also had to enter counseling, has had trouble sleeping, and has feared for the safety of her husband and kids. Here to explain some more reasons why not to cheat is a middle-aged man singing Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats":