2006_03_13_wolf.jpgGothamist is a sucker for the crazies, we're endlessly fascinated by the random reasons that people will come up with to explain why they are doing crazy stuff. So how could we pass up the sad story of Jonathan Julian, 29, whose lawyer yesterday claimed that he was not fit to stand trial for shooting two police officers back in March?

On March 13 Julian's Brooklyn neighbors called the cops after a series of small fires were set by a man roaming the halls with knives (reminds us of another local nutso). When the NYPD arrived at the scene, Julian shot two of the officers with a .44 Magnum before being tackled by a third officer. "After some more fighting (and biting), Mr. Julian was subdued."

But why did he shoot them?

Oh, because he thought they were wolves. Duh.

Wolf from bluejake.