An Upper East Side man who suffers from priapism—which gives you painful, uncontrollable erections for hours at a time—was arrested yesterday after allegedly trying to steal cash from his father to buy painkillers for his condition. "My son has a very rare disease, he has a priapism, which means he gets an erection that lasts five or six hours, and it’s very painful. They gave him oxycodone. That’s his problem. He’s addicted to drugs now,” Tommy Miller said of his 30-year-old son David.

Tommy said that his son has been sick since he was a child with an enzyme deficiency, and has frequently been in trouble as a result of the condition for years now—David has 11 prior arrests going back to 2006, for theft, assault, burglary, petit larceny, violating orders of protection, trespass and criminal possession of stolen property. His drug addiction and criminal behavior have all been the result of his rigid impediment, his father contends.

Most recently, David allegedly broke into his father's place on York Avenue on Aug. 23, pulled a knife and said, “I want you out, and I want money!” Tommy, who is used to dealing with his son, refused to leave and instead called the police. David was arrested on charges of burglary and attempted robbery, and is still waiting to be sprung by his father.