Part of the ceiling collapsed at the Borough Hall subway station in Brooklyn Wednesday afternoon, causing multiple train delays and leaving one woman injured. NYC Transit President Andy Byford said that one person was hit on the shoulder by debris and declined medical attention at the scene. But the injured woman, Molly Scott, tells Gothamist it wasn't that simple: "I wasn't offered medical attention and, honestly, was in shock and wanted to leave the station in case more of the ceiling fell."

Scott, 27, was on her way home to New Haven, CT and sending an email on her phone when part of the ceiling collapsed at the Manhattan-bound 4/5 train platform around 3:30 p.m.

"I heard something and then all of a sudden stuff was falling on my head," Scott said. "The only reason that I'm not seriously injured is because I happened to be standing under the reinforced lighting. I believe that the lighting took most of the blow for me, but had I been standing one foot behind where I was, I would have been in much worse shape."

(Molly Scott)

Scott, who just completed her PhD in molecular biology at Yale and will be moving with her husband to the Borough Hall area soon, said her physician confirmed that she suffered a concussion from the incident. She is now considering filing a lawsuit.

"I really would like to see some action on this, as there is a lot more ceiling left to fall at Borough Hall, and I don't know that the next person it falls on will be as lucky as I was," Scott said. "I want to do whatever it takes to actually have some change happen." She is currently trying to file incident reports with the MTA and is working on contacting the offices of the governor and mayor.

Byford visited the scene after the collapse to assess the damages. "Clearly, this kind of thing shouldn't happen," Byford said, according to the Daily News. Byford called Borough Hall one of the city's oldest stations, and said it was difficult to renovate because the road above it has had so much work done on it, they need to entirely dig it up to re-waterproof the station.

"There is some evidence of watering residue and paint peeling,” Byford told CBS. "What we know is that the plaster has come off the ceiling and the plaster coming down on a few of the tiles separate this sidewall from the actual plaster."

Earlier this month, Byford presented his plan to rehabilitate the city’s ailing transit system, which will cost untold billions.

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon pointed out that she had been campaigning at that exact spot earlier this month:

Commuters have complained about the station falling apart for months, citing broken countdown clocks and signs held up by duct tape. Here is a photo from the Borough Hall station taken in April: