Earlier this morning at Zuccotti Park we interviewed Hipster Cop, a.k.a Detective Rick Lee, who was once again assigned to police Occupy Wall Street for the protest's second anniversary. In our exclusive sit-down (which airs in full tonight on 48 Hours), the NYPD's fashion icon was at turns candid and evasive, seemingly reveling in his fame while also shrugging off attempts to place him on a style pedestal. Here are the top five revelations from our one-on-one with New York's trendiest cop—how well do you know the Hipster Cop?

1. Why did Hipster Cop have to go to the Cronut™ Line?

2. What color wingtips was Hipster Cop wearing?

3. Has Hipster Cop had a Cronut™?

4. Who did Hipster Cop vote for in the Mayoral Primaries?

5. Does Hipster Cop like my glasses?

The answers are below, underneath this photo of H.C. chilling at a food truck: