One of our tipsters sent in this exclusive-- a recent mugshot of Darryl Littlejohn, the suspect in the tragic death of Imette St. Guillen: "this one was taken on 7/23/03 and they are typically taken from time to time by the docs when an inmate is moved to a new facility or if it has been a long time since they have had one taken or if they change their look (there are any number of reasons). but this was just gotten by the docs today from the prison he was last held at."

In the photo, the suspect is identified by one of his aliases, Jonathan Blaze, and at the bottom (cropped) his DOB is given as 11/11/1964. There is also another notation: "scar r/cheek stomach."

Remember: Littlejohn is just a suspect in the slaying-- while there seems to be a lot of evidence piling up, he hasn't been arrested yet, and even if he was arrested, he's innocent until proven guilty.

UPDATE 5:36PM: we walked up to The Falls to get a comment on the mugshot, but the bartender would only give us a "no comment", and refused to look at it. She said the bar would have someone call us back-- and we'll update the post with information if they do. There were a bunch of other reporters and photographers standing around outside looking cold. No one was in the bar, but it was only 4:45pm-- if anyone goes up there tonight, let us know if it's crowded.

UPDATE 5:58pm: NY1 is now running the mugshot. Looks like it's hit the mainstream media-- and relatively quickly-- about five hours from a blog to MSM. Not bad, pros!

UPDATE 7:29pm: Stewart writes in and says Littlejohn's appearance has changed a bit in three years: "he has gained weight and that gives him a less menacing appearance. His skin is much darker. He also smiles a lot, unlike the picture. I can recognize the photo as him because of the bump on the back of his head that you can see from the side view."

UPDATE 11:06pm: CBS and ABC are using the mugshot on their broadcasts, NBC still isn't identifying Littlejohn. Focus tonight appears to be on the back seat of his van-- it was found outside the vehicle, and police appear to be analyzing it.

UPDATE 8:32am: The Post is running the mugshot on the cover. The Daily News is using the picture-- and so is the New York Times.