The Fort Greene dad who was busted for allegedly running a prostitution ring offering Asian women to rich clients at four Manhattan locations kept things all in the family: The Post reports that William Thomas took a $45,000 loan from his mother to start his illicit business. Then his mom filed for bankruptcy and he defaulted on that loan!

According to the Post, actress Shelia Thomas "loaned him $10,000 in early 2008," then another $25,000 in January 2009 followed by $10,000 in May 2009. "In June 2011, a federal bankruptcy trustee sued Will for repayment of the $45,000 he got from his mom. He defaulted on that suit but has not paid a dime, said trustee lawyer Steffani Pelton."

Thomas's first wife, Susan Thomas, told the Post that she started talking to authorities earlier this year, while trying to force her ex to pay up $100,000 in child support, “I suspected something was going on several years ago, and it was at least two years ago that [our teen sons] thought something was up... They would visit his apartment, they would see things like the [prostitution] Web site on his computer. There would be large amounts of cash in the house, and he would have pictures on his camera that young boys probably shouldn’t be exposed to."

Still one of their sons has continued to Tweet about his father's problems, "it's hilarious how quick people are to judge when they dont actually know anything," "whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty?" and "just want everyone to know that when i said "had to happen eventually" i meant the story getting out. he was arrested about 12 days ago."

The teens live in NJ; Thomas lives in Brooklyn with this three-year-old daughter from his second marriage and a 1-year-old from his current girlfriend.