Last year, former City Council member Melinda Katz announced that she was marrying Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa. She also added that he was the sperm donor for her two sons. While some felt it was like "nyc fan fiction," Sliwa's second ex-wife thought otherwise and is now suing Sliwa and Katz for $1.4 million, claiming that the couple scammed her out of $400,000.

Mary Sliwa and Curtis Sliwa divorced last year, but she says his straying began in 2008. The Post reports, "After Met games, after Yankee games, after prize fights — on a total of at least 13 dates on April through August 2010, all specified in the lawsuit — Sliwa would call Mary and say he was too tired to come home, she claims. Curtis would tell Mary he was going to stay overnight at the Empire State Building, where he does a radio broadcast mornings and evenings on AM 970. Instead, Mary alleges, the Guardian Angel “committed adultery with her [Katz] on 'myriad of occasions.'"

She also claims that her husband told her that Katz used his sperm without his permission (he had donated the sperm before his marriage to Mary Sliwa) and that he felt compelled to pay her child support. The lawsuit states that Curtis Sliwa could have just paid $1700/month in child support, but ended up paying her "$8,000, plus $1,150 to provide 'his mistress' with a life insurance policy," according to the Daily News. That meant Katz was allegedly getting $96,000 in tax-free money.

Mary Sliwa, who has a nine-year-old son with special needs with Sliwa, is looking for the $400,000 back, plus interest, and $1 million in damages. Katz is running for Queens Borough President and a spokesman for her campaign told the News, "This is a sad, frivolous lawsuit. Unfortunately, it is an attempt to use a political campaign and false innuendo as leverage to publicly rehash a long ago settled divorce. Given the personal and family nature of the situation, we won’t be commenting further."