The former WABC 7 weather anchor who was accused of falsely reporting that she was assaulted by a Hispanic man twice and sending cops on a wild goose chase has pleaded guilty to filing false police reports. According to DNAinfo, Heidi Jones "will receive an hour of community service for each of the 350 hours cops spent investigating the claims."

Jones was arrested last December. Jones reportedly went to the police in late November, to report that she was grabbed and nearly raped by a Hispanic man in Central Park while running (she said other parkgoers scared the man away) in September and that the man went to her apartment to threaten her. She also claimed that cops refused to take down information after the September attack, which then prompted an apology from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and subsequent "VIP treatment"—six detectives chauffeuring her around. Those detectives, though, were suspicious of Jones based on her phone conversations and her repeated "flaking out" of meetings with the NYPD. After hitting a dead end in the investigation, cops confronted Jones, who admitted to making up the assaults.

Her lawyer, Paul Callan, tried to get the charges thrown out, claiming her Miranda rights were never read during questioning. Callan said today, "She's expressed personal responsibility for this unfortunate incident. She wants me to express, on her behalf, her deepest regrets and apologies for any inconvenience that was caused to the New York City Police Department or to any law enforcement officials in connection to this incident." How about apologizing to the guy who was questioned for the rapes?

Jones blamed the fake reports on stress; a coworker told the Post last year, "She was deeply unhappy, personally and professionally."