2008_11_bartend.jpgIf losing your job in finance is driving you to drink, what more practical way to go about it than getting a job as a bartender? Enrollment is up at bartending schools in the area--as much as 53% for the month of October at New York Bartending School. The Daily News says that dozens of those enrolling are from now-defunct financial institutions. And one of the teachers from the NYBS sounds like he's encouraging even more to give it a try by noting how organized the ex-traders are. "If you watch how someone sets up before making a drink, you can see how their mind works," he told the paper. But not everyone's sold that education is the best way to become a barkeep. A VP from the NY Restaurant Association told the Boston Globe, "Establishments may be more likely to hire an experienced bartender who is out of work because a restaurant closed than someone fresh out of training."