The Queens man who was arrested for having sexual encounters with his 14-year-old student earlier this year was sentenced to six months in jail. Daniel Reilly, 36, had pleaded guilty to statutory rape.

Prosecutors say that Reilly met the student when he taught her English at IS 237 in Queens. According to the criminal complaint, the victim told the Queens DA's office that sometime in August of last year, Reilly "sent her a text message indicating in sum and substance that he wanted to have sex with her."

Then, beginning in October, the pair allegedly met in Reilly's apartment—the one he shares with his wife and baby daughter—and had sex at least 10 times, with the last incident on Monday, April 6th. Reilly was arrested on April 8th, after the victim's sister saw texts on the victim's phone and told their parents.

Reilly will also be on 10 years probation as part of the plea deal, which was reached so the victim wouldn't have to testify, and he will have to register as a sex offender. The Post reports that the sex offender "label could keep him from raising his own daughter," who is 15 months old, but has "gambled that probation officials wouldn’t order that."