A former inmate at Rikers Island who won a $450K settlement after being hogtied and viciously beaten by Rikers officers in the spring of 2012 was fatally shot in the head early yesterday morning.

Robert Hinton, 28, was shot and killed outside a building at the Van Dyke Houses in Brownsville, not far from where he lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant. No arrests have been made in connection to the shooting, though the Daily News reports that a second victim was shot in the leg—he is expected to survive.

Hinton was awarded $450K in a settlement just two months ago, stemming from a horrific incident in April 2012. A Rikers captain, Budnarine Behari, and five officers, entered Hinton's cellblock, cuffed him, beat him and choked him, allegedly because he protested being denied a baloney sandwich. Hinton suffered a broken nose and vertebrae, a bleeding mouth, and had his eyes swollen shut. Behari and all five officers were fired last January.

Hinton, who was affiliated with the Bloods gang and had served time for attempted murder, hoped the settlement would offer him a new lease on life. He planned on purchasing a home outside of the city once he received his settlement check, which was set to arrive sometime in the next month. According to his attorney, he recently texted her, “I pray I even live long enough to see some sort of happiness."